New Product Announcement

GoDEX Releases the New HD830i

The best-in-class eight inch wide industrial barcode printer. Perfect for wide format labels.

Key Features

  • 3.2” color touchscreen facilitates intuitive navigation. Adjustable to 15°
  • Dual-Colored status LEDs and calibration button for simplicity
  • Robust metal casing and solid print mechanism to take on heavy duty jobs
  • Outstanding breadth: max label width 10”/ Max print range 8.57”
  • Optional wireless connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Top cover designed for ease of motion: heightened safety and comfort.
  • A sturdy external label stand for up to 10” roll diameters, included as standard
  • Adjustable media detectors: including reflective and see-through sensors
  • Advanced adaptive dampening technology : to optimize print quality
  • Internal Media Pressure plate is designed to stabilize the label printing process

GoDEX’s HD830i is an eight-inch barcode printer designed for applications that require large and durable labels. The HD830i is a rugged printer of exquisite design which includes significant characteristics of high performance electronics, reliable mechanism, user -friendliness and easy maintenance design.

High Performance Hardware

The HD830i is equipped with a 32-bit RISC CPU along with a 300 dpi TPH which allows for 4 IPS print speed and comes with a 3.2” large intuitive touchscreen LCD with newest control system. The memory flash is 128 MB including 60MB user storage and a 32 MB SDRM memory. The HD830i supports four interfaces including USB 2.0 (B-TYPE), serial port: RS-232(DB-9), Ethernet port (RJ-45) and USB host.

Reliable Mechanism Design

The HD830i contains several functional designs including an adjustable damper mechanism and linkage dance-arm mechanism. Both are crafted for optimal printing quality.

Ruggedized Die-Casting Mechanism

Moreover, the print mechanism is all a die-casting structure. This feature allows the printer to deal with printable media from ordinary to specialty ones.

Functional Mechanisms

The damper mechanism is designed to carefully adjust the pressure during the label printing process whereas the dancer-arm mechanism is used to stabilize the label printing direction. Additionally, the damper is not only designed to smooth out the labeling printing process ,but also facilitates both in-side and out-side label printing simply by placing the label on top or bottom of the damper to distinguish between inward or outward printing.

Adjustable Print head Mechanism

In addition, the HD830i has an adjustable print head mechanism designed to adapt to all possible media types. The movable design of print head mechanism allows users to adjust the position of the print head in accordance to different media. The print head mechanism also offers a pressure adjuster to moderate print head pressure towards media.

Sturdy External Label Stand

Standard configuration also includes an external metaled label stand. This is designed for quick and easy installation for media with a range of one to ten-inch label width. The maximum diameter of the label core is three inches.

User Friendly

The HD830i features an adjustable 3.2” color LCD control panel. What makes this feature special is that the panel allows users to adjust the angle up to 15 degrees for better operating vision.

Calibration button

The built-in auto calibration button has been implemented to facilitate user operation. Users can simply press the button to calibrate any kind of label, which makes media loading a lot easier.


Additionally, the HD830i has both reflective sensor and see-through sensor to handle a wide range of media types. Conveniently, the reflective sensor is adjustable. It has full range of movement from side to side to help users to detect various media.

High Capacity Media Supply

Furthermore, the HD830i comes with a high capacity media supply and a label/sensor marking scale. The high-capacity media supply will decrease the frequency of reloading new media and the marking scale will help users to identify the exact width of the label in use.

Quick Maintenance Design

The GoDEX HD830i is a precise printer with a user-friendly maintenance design. Some users may have trouble replacing competitor's consumable parts with tools. GoDEX Printers have been designed to have tool-less maintenance, which helps our users minimize printer downtime. Consumables such as platen rollers, thermal print heads, sensors, and media can all be replaced without any tools.

Suggested Applications

The HD830i is the newest and most versatile industrial printer that has ever been realeased by GoDEX. Its versatility has brought tremendous flexibility into field applications. Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and government applications are all recommended environments for the HD830i.

GoLabel Label Design Software

By coordinating HD830i with GoLabel software, it will deliver unbelievable versatility on label printing and remarkable user experience. A laserjet / inkjet compatible version of GoLabel is also available to download.

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